About Jupiter planet

Science explains about Jupiter that it is the largest planet which weighs in mass by two-and-a-half times greater than all the planets put together in the solar system. Also, it is roughly the 3rd brightest natural object when viewed in the night sky. In this comparison, the only planet Venus, and an astronomical body, Moon, is the next brightest celestial objects.

Astrology explains about Jupiter that this gigantic planet of the solar system, which is known as Guru Grah or Brihaspati, is the most benefit celestial object and remains in the position of nearly one year in each zodiac sign as per its cyclic transit or Gochar.

Jupiter is believed to keep guard on an abstract mind, which is the reason as to why it is referred to “Thinking-person” planet because it is the ruler of academic learning, knowledge, and wisdom associated with a person, enabling him/her with the capability of exploring ideas from the perspective of spirituality and intellectuality.

A long-held principle about Jupiter is that this planet constructively acts in favor of a person’s building up ideological development, and spiritually speaking. In addition, it is said to govern the realms of philosophy and religions. It may surprise you to know that being a long-distance-traveling planet, Jupiter is a unique celestial body that helps the development of ethical and moral principles of people, as well as takes a good care of addressing a person’s sense of optimism.

Jupiter effects in Astrology

The astrological effect of Jupiter is most noted in physical characteristics upon a person whose zodiac sign is ruled by this planet. Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by Jupiter while in Moon sign, it is in exaltation; and in Saturn, it is in the position of debilitation.

One of the positive Jupiter effects in astrology is that this planet is an indicator of good fortune. Therefore, while in its positive planetary transit, it delivers financial wellbeing, richness and perpetual prosperity in the lives of people. It must be born in mind that not all the planets are benefic or malefic, as this is largely determined by the nature of transit of each planet. And this holds the truth in the context of Jupiter as well. To know position of guru grah in your kundali, it is recommended to seek counseling of a learned astrologer to study your horoscope and will guide you accordingly.

The Astrological Importance of Jupiter
  • One of the Jupiter facts is that it induces higher education and glorious lifestyle.
  • It improves decision-making skill of a person, helping him take an informed decision in matters of critical importance.
  • It empowers people with the skill set of avoiding controversial and undesirable issues.
  • People under the influence of benefic Jupiter transit attain sound knowledge.
  • Being a benevolent planet, Jupiter can grow and flourish your life with richness and prosperity.
  • Though Jupiter is unpleasantly associated with obesity, yet it guides us toward success and accomplishment.
  • It may be possible that Jupiter can lead you toward primrose path.
At last, to have a proper understanding of Jupiter transit 2018 personalized report and its related effects on your horoscope, consult a learned astrologer for helps associated with remedial measures and counseling for your needs.


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