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Capricorn zodiac sign: Positive aspects, Tips and Predictions

About Capricorn zodiac sign This is the tenth sign of zodiac represented by astrological symbol, the Goat. Capricorn-born people are sensitive and like to serve people without anything in return (altruistic). They are said to be intelligent and have good maturity quotient. Ruled by the planet Saturn, this sign is particularly notable as it exalts Mars, the planet with symbolic aggression.

Capricorn personality traits:

·Level-headed. ·Collected. ·Calm. ·Smart, responsible, and practical. ·Sensitive. ·Hard on themselves.

In addition, Capricorn-born people are also said to have grim conduct, but they are also known for being vivacious to the point of drawing attention from other people.

The Capricorn-born people, especially the men, are of peculiar nature, considering they unreasonably don’t like to reveal things about their life to others. Such people try to burn their intimate matters under the canopy of absolute concealment as a defensive stroke against the assumption that, if their secret co…